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The VIA Application MUST be installed on your laptop or mobile device in order to "JOIN" a meeting directly.
If the application is not installed, please follow the link to install it.The Virtual Run Client application
will not allow you to join directly.

Welcome to VIA
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Gateway Name Group

Gateway NameGroup NameJoinStatus
 BOE DefaultON
 BRDRM-1ST-FL Public HealthON
 BRDRM-2ND-FLR Social ServicesON
 CoOpExt DefaultON
 DSS-2421 Social ServiceON
 DSS-2422 Social ServiceON
 DSS-CR-2313 Social ServicesON
 DSS-CR-2423 Social ServicesON
 DSS-CR-2424 Social ServicesON
 DSS-CR-3234 Social ServicesON
 DSS2425 Social ServiceON
 Gen-Svc-WH General ServicesON
 Gen-Svcs-HQ General ServicesON
 GS-Training-Room General ServicesON
 Legal-2nd-Flr LegalON
 PH-CR-2208 Public HealthON
 PH-CR-3131 Public HealthON
 PH-CR-3233 Public HealthON
 PH-CR-3245 Public HealthON
 PH-TB-CR Public Health-OFF
 PHCR2218 Public HealthON
 PHCR3132 Public HealthON
 PHDIRCR Public HealthON
 Soil-Water DefaultON
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